Temperance Music Trust presents

The WizDome

We currently offer a fully catered 32ft Geodesic dome containing an off-grid recording soundstage, 3.5kw solar sound-system, film projector and local art exhibition at UK festivals, hosting DJ’s, Bands, live jams, streamed gigs, and workshops.

Established in 2022 to provide support for artists and musicians in the SouthWest, UK. Press the round images below and read on to find out more..

Please use the booking page to get in touch with us (prices available by request); ask to join our private mailing list for event updates and details for joining the Cooperative.

The FreeDome (press for event bookings)

Our main focus is on promoting and cultivating artist’s in the SouthWest and beyond. Recording and producing original music by local Bands and Songwriters. We feature Our in-house band and DJs at events, record and release mix’s on our channel. We also record digital copies of Vinyl rarities available in our Discog shop.

For more Music from Nomad Rush, Rare Vinyl and Live Streams subscribe to our YouTube Channel HERE 👇

DJ KarLief prepares another mix
(press for more on our YouTube channel)
Setting up at the Hearthworks crew party
Later that night…